What do we do?

KMVRC envisions to cater to differently abled children and adults through early detection & intervention, physiotheraphy, occupational and vocational therapy. Center will also use Robotics enhancement program in children with severe motor impairment, MMR and Autism helping in sensory development, communication and interaction, cognitive development, motor development and social and emotional development. The disability center in Palakkad city envisions to explore advanced methods of rehabilitation.

Here, children from 0 to 12 are supported medically, therapeutically with the support of a Special Educator. Post the age of 12 till 18 years, children are vocationally identified and taught based on their skills to become contributors to their family and economy in whatsoever way possible.

We are working towards creation of an organic farming network where differently abled people are active participants while local farmers and farmers across India can participate in the unique farming methodology supported by robotics.

Help us extend the facilities to more children in need!

mentally retarded child

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Latest from the Blog

Team behind elcov. Teacher and students

Elcov makes news!

Manjusha and Vishnu were taught electronics for over 2 months in which they learnt about sensors, micro-controllers, soldering and are understanding programming as well now. Basics of electronics opened many doors for these children and led to the development of Elcov- The elephant shaped automatic hand sanitizer. These students have been confined to the fourContinue reading “Elcov makes news!”

KMVRC New Look

We are happy to see how the building has changed and how Arathi, Anisha, Nived, Shibin and Vishnu from KMVRC and Innolab joined hands in creating the atmosphere needed for a center for differently abled. Professionally the people who worked at creating the center are from accounts, administration, computer science and engineering background but atContinue reading “KMVRC New Look”

An Example of Perseverence


Our Services

  • Physiotherapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Sensory Garden playtime
  • Organic Farming
  • Adaptive Sports
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Autism Support
  • Functional Vocational workshops
  • Special Education
  • Learning Disability

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Biofloc vocational Training
  • Dance Therapy
  • Kineseology
  • Robotics Intervention Therapy

Community outreach programs

Food for All

Wish to Donate food to people living on the street? We donate food to minimum 30 people and a maximum of 100. Feed the needy on your birthday, wedding anniversary, death anniversary.

30 people- 2500 INR
50 people- 4500 INR
100 people- 8000 INR

Free Assistive devices for CP

In order to provide free customised assistive devices to children with Cerebral Palsy we initiated a paper collection drive which led to requests to dispose plastic, electronics, old clothes and many other things. Great resonse from residential associations, FRAP, CAAP, apartments and individuals houses.