Fulfill a Wish- Donate an equipment

Equipment needed for differently abled children

If you are interested in helping us support the children at KMVRC, we would love to hear from you.

Differently abled children need to learn, exercise and play outdoors. Their needs are different. They have various therapies for which these equipment’s will be used.

Thanking Our Donors

To thank our donors/ patrons, we will be publishing their names on our website. To learn about who donated so far, click here.

Why do this?

  • Because you will be supporting differently abled children live a better life.
  • Because you are giving them what they need which their parents can’t provide.
  • Because you are giving back to the society and contributing to a better future.

To help you get started, let us tell you want we need at the center, at home for the children or individual play toy for children in order to improve their sensory integration and provide life-long support:

Our Class-rooms

Slide & Swing Combo
Gym Equipment- Tricycle
See – saw
Toy Shelf
Sand Pit Therapy
Gym Equipment- Balancer
Gym Equipment- Treadmill
Fruits Puzzle
Beads & Thread- Fine Motor skills
Tent for Autism
Swing play- Outdoor
Class-room Table & Chair
Hop & Jump
Gym Equipment- Rowing
Wooden puzzles
Tent for cosy feel
Book shelf for Classroom
Ball Pit Therapy
Gym Equipment- Cycler
Gym Equipment- Flexer
Alphabet Learning kit
Exercice Fine motor skills

In case you have any questions, send in a message below-

Our way of thanking you!

Once you have sent the amount to us, we will be selecting the most needy child and fulfill the wish on your behalf. You will receive a thank you note and photograph of the kid with the gift!

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