KMVRC New Look

We are happy to see how the building has changed and how Arathi, Anisha, Nived, Shibin and Vishnu from KMVRC and Innolab joined hands in creating the atmosphere needed for a center for differently abled. Professionally the people who worked at creating the center are from accounts, administration, computer science and engineering background but at KMVRC Palakkad they all transformed into interior designers, creative thinkers, painters and craftsmen.

The youth needs such volunteering activities more often in order to understand team-work, coordination, perseverence, patience and practice. The five musketeers have proven that things can change if you set your heart and soul into it! The said transformation took 20 days.

Below are the transformation pictures. Do have a look and send in your love and comments to encourage and appreciate this genuine effort.

In the making-

After the hardwork-

You can also contribute at the center by way of volunteering and sharing your skills with the children at KMVRC. If you wish to contribute get connected at

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