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Team behind elcov. Teacher and students

Manjusha and Vishnu were taught electronics for over 2 months in which they learnt about sensors, micro-controllers, soldering and are understanding programming as well now. Basics of electronics opened many doors for these children and led to the development of Elcov- The elephant shaped automatic hand sanitizer. These students have been confined to the four walls of the house for over years. Vishnu is education will 12th while Manjusha has cleared her 10th.

Apart from Newzhook which featured Elcov, 24 news channel featured the work of these children and Sri. Sreekandan Nair spoke very well about the efforts the students are making. Manorama covered the inauguration of Elcov and featured it in the newspaper. We are grateful to all the well-wishers and supporters. Elcov showcases how differently abled children with the right guidance can transform themselves into equal contributors in the family, society, state and country.

***All the earnings are given to the children. Elcov is worth 3,500 INR.

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