Adaptive Sports for Children with Cerebral Palsy

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Let’s Play

In an attempt to create awareness and increase the exposure of children with cerebral palsy a team of like-minded professionals have come together to formulate a club for adaptive sports.

While children in aware and developed countries enjoy the benefits of play therapy, kids in India are not allowed to go out and play due to their physical limitations. An adaptive sports club caters to such children and brings to them play therapy. Sports is adapted to their physical capabilities and teams are formed. In fact Cerebral palsy football is a sport which has its own place in Paralympics. So has wheelchair cricket and a very interesting game called Boccia played by children with extreme physical locomotor concerns.

During the month of October every year campaigns are started across the world wherein philanthropists, volunteers, social works, clinical professionals, doctors, physiotherapist and the general public make pledges to spread awareness about CP and encourage such parents and children to come outdoors and become active.

This year a team has started functioning at KMVRC which will work towards encouraging adaptive sports.

Our Cerebral Palsy Adaptive Sports Team

Ms. Valarmathi- Physiotherapist
Mrs. Valarmathi- Senior Special Educator
Mr. Ravindran – Retd SI and Kerala, Police state and national team Football coach
Ms. Dhanya Ravi- Change Maker, mentor, PwD, National Award winner in the Role Model Category under Empowerment of People with Disability
Mr. Anudarsan – Director , Karunya Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation Center
Dr. Easwar TR – Paediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

The e-Launch in Palakkad district

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