Mr. Anudarsan Kunnath
Chairman, KMVRC
MD, Inno Ausbildung Pvt Ltd

Dheepesh MS

Mr. Dheepesh MS
Accountant, Kalyan Group

Deepa P

Ms. Deepa P.
Lecturer, University of Calicut

Who we are, what we do, and where are we.

As part of our effort to enable differently abled children, we a group of youngsters have envisioned and created a condusive environment for the differently abled and named it Karunya Medical & Vocational Rehabilitation Center.

  • bio floc farming for vocational rehabilitation of the mentally retarded

Our responsibility towards humanity is something we are serious about. Children and adults with Mental Retardation, Celebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Autism form the major participants at the center. Various services for their mental and physical well-being as well as counselling for the parents are some of the activities at the center. An autism center in Palakkad which provides sensory integration facilities and envisages to have a dynamic sensory garden for the differently abled by the end of 2021.

We provide 3D Printed prosthesis, orthosis and assistive devices for the children and adults. Custom made, durable, cost effective and competitive pricing for the prosthesis makes the product accessible for all.

Our research is in robotic intervention for the differently abled children and its impact. Read further on how robot assisted play for children with cognitive and physical disabilities can help them gradually. Emotional Self regulation is also an area we are deeply interested in.

Visit us in person to understand us better. Thank you.

Advisory Panel

Mrs. Thara
Principal, IHRD, Palakkad, Kerala

Miss Dinsha
Teacher Dubai
Mrs. Bindu Prathap
Teacher GVHSS Nemmara Palakkad