Adaptive Sports for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Let’s Play In an attempt to create awareness and increase the exposure of children with cerebral palsy a team of like-minded professionals have come together to formulate a club for adaptive sports.

Elcov makes news!

Manjusha and Vishnu were taught electronics for over 2 months in which they learnt about sensors, micro-controllers, soldering and are understanding programming as well now. Basics of electronics opened many doors for these children and led to the development of Elcov- The elephant shaped automatic hand sanitizer.

KMVRC New Look

We are happy to see how the building has changed and how Arathi, Anisha, Nived, Shibin and Vishnu of KMVRC join hands in creating the atmosphere needed for a center for differently abled. Professionally the people who worked at creating the center are from accounts, administration, computer science and engineering background, but at KMVRC they are ready to anything for the development of these kids’

An Elephantish Onam at KMVRC

This year Onam comes amidst Covid-19 and the scare it has spread over a period of 6-7 months has been devastating. But even in between all this, the youth spirit of KMVRC has given birth to an elephant named “Elcov” which is a automatic hand sanitizer with a capacity of 1 liter.

Community outreach programs

Free Assistive devices for CP

In order to provide free customized assistive devices to children with Cerebral Palsy we initiated a paper collection drive which led to requests to dispose plastic, electronics, old clothes and many other things. Great response from residential associations, FRAP, CAAP, apartments and individuals houses.

Robotic Intervention Therapy

Robotic Intervention Therapy investigates on how robotic toys can become tools to creative versatile avenues for development in various conditions related to children with special needs. The toys used in the exercise become social mediators which in turn encourages children with special needs to discover a range of games that ranges from solitary to collaborative…

Fulfill a Wish- Donate an equipment

If you are interested in helping us support the children at KMVRC, we would love to hear from you. Differently abled children need to learn, exercise and play outdoors. Their needs are different. They have various therapies for which these equipment’s will be used. Thanking Our Donors To thank our donors and patrons

Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

We are looking for people who would like to study the children at KMVRC and write research based papers as part of their respective courses. If interested, do get in touch. Have you ever observed your children monitoring you and what you are doing or saying without even blinking their eyes? Have you wondered how…