Our Patrons

***amounts donated have been withheld from publication upon request by the donors.

  1. Mr. Madhusoodhanan- Palakkad
  2. Brig. PKM Raja- Pune
  3. Mr. Satyajith- Bangalore
  4. Mrs. Santha Thampan- Palakkad
  5. Mr. Krishnakumar- Bangalore
  6. Dr. Irfan- Palakkad
  7. Mrs. Meera- Palakkad
  8. Mr. Wilson- Palakkad
  9. Inner Wheel circle Palghat East
  1. Ms. Vandhana- USA
  2. Mr. Bhasker- Bangalore
  3. Mrs. Jayanthi- Palakkad
  4. Mrs. Girija- Palakkad
  5. Mrs. Sunitha Jayan- Tirupur
  6. Mr. Manoj- Kollam
  7. Mrs. Geetha- Palakkad
  8. Mrs. Jayalaxmi- Palakkad
  9. Mr. Joseph Lazar- Palakkad

Plans at KMVRC

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience who have come together to create change. Do you want to support us? We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to seeing your support as well.

Disability awarenes

Goal 1- Community Outreach Program 2020-21, 2021-22

Support genuine cases

To reach out and support by providing medical supplies to 2000 deserving children for the period 2020-21 & 2021-22. 

Children with Cerebral Palsy require customised assistive devices. We aim to make one for specific needs identified through observation and advice from Pediatric Orthopedics. Reach out to 1000 children with Cerebral Palsy for customised assistive devices in the period between 2020 to 2022. 

We, at present are taking care of 50, 100% disabled children. 

Goal 2- Set up an Electronics vocational skill development workarea

Disabled children are screened for abilities and taught specific vocational skills related to electronics

Currently we are working towards setting a workarea for 40 students with abilities in electronics to learn and develop their skills in those specific areas. Later on they will be given placement opportunities or absorbed into the production unit within KMVRC itself.

students at kmvrc studying electronics in the vocational skill development workarea
prosthesis layout

Goal 3- Prosthesis & Orthosis production area

Customised artificial leg production for life-changing intervention.

After the successful prototyping of an artificial limb, we would like to work on creating a bionic arm.

This area is a vocational area for disabled adults to work in. Advanced prosthetics using strong material and tailored to fit with flexibility is the focus. Advanced robotics related research in this area will be carried out here as well. To read about the progress so far, please read further

Goal 4- Create Self-employment opportunities for the disabled

After proper screening and training of disabled children various employment opportunities are created by us for their livelihood.

Innovative employment opportunities can be created for the disabled children in areas such as fish farming, organic farming, animal husbandry, local grocery stores etc.

bio floc farming for vocational rehabilitation of the mentally retarded

Goal 5- Innovative classrooms for children aged 3 to 16.

We welcome children with Down Syndrome, MR, CP and Autism. We want to stand out and give individual care to children hence the class-room ratio is 8:1 + Helper.

Innovative class-rooms for children provide opportunities for them to learn personal care, cooking skills, sensory integration, learning therapies, audio-visual therapies, play therapies, indulgence in technology and much more. Come have a look personally!

Sponsor a Child

Do you wish to sponsor a child for medical rehabilitation wherein the child’s monthly need of physiotherapy, medical support and special educational needs will be taken care of? This wonderful opportunity is awarded to children whose family income is below INR. 4000.

You need to provide a cancel URL page in the settings

Fulfill a requirement at the Children’s Physiotherapy center

Children at the Physiotherapy division require customised equipments and take-home assistive devices. If you wish to fund an equipment for the center or for the kid to take home visit the link here.

Want to volunteer with us? Use your skills and talent to help disabled children learn a livelihood technique/skill. Volunteer is being physical and mental support to the children and their parents. Conduct seminars and workshops for the needy.