No One Sleeps Hungry

The issue of hunger and malnourishment are among the biggest concerns in our country. And the pandemic has only made it worse. There are over 189.2 million undernourished people in India, which is 14% of our population. Poverty has left millions of families starving, with children going hungry for days together. These families can’t afford even a single meal on some days. Food is the need of the hour.

Every person deserves to have healthy and nutritious meals, and your monthly contributions can ensure that hundreds of families don’t go to bed hungry any longer. 

Save Thousands In India From Starving

Millions in India continue to struggle with hunger even today. However, there’s hope. Your monthly contributions will ensure that thousands of families don’t continue to starve.

The grocery kit will roughly consist of Rice, Atta, Oil, Sugar, Salt, Turmeric powder, Chilly powder and Dal , which will feed one hungry person for 30 days.

1 Grocery Kit = 1 Person = 1 Month

Your support towards the fight against hunger will:

Feed the homeless and underprivileged nutritious meals

Save children from being malnourished

Give hundreds a healthier and better future

Tax Exemption On Every Donation

All contributions on Karunya Medical And Vocational Charitable Trust are exempted under section 80G of Indian Income Tax act allowing donors to claim tax exemption while filing ITR.

Get Timely Updates

Donors are updated back regarding the utilisation of the donated products through campaign updates in the form of content/images or videos of distribution.

For 25 Persons: Breakfast / Noon Meals / Dinner

INR 1500/2500/1500

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Karunya Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation Charitable Trust.

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Once you have donated generously, Please share the payment receipt on WhatsApp