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Vocational Rehabilitation Center.

As defined by wikipediaVocational rehabilitation, also abbreviated VR or voc rehab, is a process which enables persons with functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive, and emotional disabilities, impairments or health disabilities to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining, or returning to employment or other useful occupation.

At KMVRC, post the age of 18 vocational rehabilitation is training, therapeutically ability development, skill development for the differently abled leading to either a job placement or a job creation if the student is identified with entrepreneurial abilities and is well supported by parents and kin.

A vocational rehabilitation specialist along with a special educator and the parents of the children access the vocational abilities on the child using a scale well designed by the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped an continuously improved by the experts at KMVRC, Palakkad.

Services rendered to the Handicapped Persons by the VRCs

Interviewing 16+ handicapped persons and their family members to know their personal, social, family, educational, economic and vocational background.

Evaluation of persons with disabilities to assess their physical efficiencies, measure their psychological strengths and weaknesses in respect of their intelligence, aptitude, areas of interest, psychomotor dexterity, personality traits and areas of adjustment to unfold their potentials.

Assessing the residual capacities, attributes, and functional skills of different categories of handicapped.

Examination of the handicapped persons by a panel of medical specialists to identify the degree of disability and functional capacities and suggest remedial measures.

Testing of the handicapped persons on the job capabilities in different trades device under KMVRC such as Electronics, Electrical, General Mechanic, Radio & TV repair, Commercial Practice, Air-conditioning & refrigeration, Automobile, Cutting and Tailoring, Computer Applications, Woodwork & Chair Canning, Arts & Crafts, Screen Printing, Photography, Metal Trades, Secretarial Practice, Painting, etc.

Imparting workshop training to develop vocational skills, to ensure their job adjustment best suited to their strengths and weaknesses.

Providing assistance to physically challenged persons at KMVRC for preparing their vocational plan for enhancing their levels of knowledge & skills suited to local job market needs and also assisting, guiding and motivating them for channelizing them towards self-employment.

Imparting non formal in-plant training and tailor-made module based vocational training to Persons with Disabilities for skill building and making them employable.

Sponsoring and assisting the handicapped persons to utilize the facilities of reservations against the seats in various educational/training institutions.

Pottery at kmvrc

Post 18 years of age, the children at KMVRC can engage in the pottery and home decor department. Children with artist skills are idented and trained here.

Multi Purpose Hand free

Children assemble the electronics part of this beautiful multipurpose hands-free equipment which can be used with sanitizer, handwash soap or dishwash sanitizer. No need to touch the device.

Organic Farming& fishery

bio floc farming for vocational rehabilitation of the mentally retarded

Children are taught organic farming methods and growing fish to earn their livelihood. This practice is then carried out at their homes to generate a sustainable living.

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