A Meaningful Sabbatical

KMVRC (Karunya Medical & Vocational Rehabilitation Center) invites all individuals from across the world to spend time in service to mankind at the center with children facing greater challenges in life than we “normal” individuals will ever do. Make your sabbatical worthwhile by participating in this life-changing project.

Be part of a meaningful volunteer program, living at a 1.5 acre property educating and enabling differently abled children from all walks of life. Enjoy the lush green trees, peaceful and prayerful environment of KMVRC; a charitable organization functioning in the domain of uplifting the special children and adults from Kerala, India.

Mornings start with yoga, meditation and chanting at 4:30 am. Breakfast at 8 am, after which you can participate in the work at the center. Your interest areas can be taught to the children at the facility and make a difference in their lives as well. Lunch at 1 pm sharp followed by tea at 4 pm. Evening prayers at 6 pm sharp and later on dinner at 7:30 pm. Early to bed at 9 pm. Choose to volunteer 2-3 days in a week at the center and rest of the days can be used for sight-seeing across Kerala or South India.

Kerala especially Palakkad is a scenic place with Parambikulam tiger reserveMalampuzha DamNelliyampathy hillsPothundi Dam nearby. You can enjoy contributing as well as tour the places around the early detection and intervention center at KMVRC.

Activities for you at KMVRC

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Music & Dance Therapy for Children
  • Resin Artwork
  • Pottery
  • Organic farming
  • Robotics
  • Sensory therapy for children
  • Medical rehabilitation at the geriatric care division
  • Visit tourist places in Kerala, South India

Volunteer Registration